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Made from beechwood & food-grade silicone beads. Handmade with love.

Pacifier Clips

A pacifier clip is an essential accessory for every parent, offering both convenience and style. It keeps pacifiers within reach, preventing loss or contamination, all while adding a charming touch to your baby's outfit. We take pride in offering a wide variety of designs and styles, ensuring that every mom finds a clip that perfectly suits her taste.  It's a small yet invaluable addition you won't want to be without. Rest assured, all our clips are crafted from natural beechwood and 100% food-grade silicone, meeting the highest safety standards and bringing both peace of mind and an adorable flair to your baby's attire.  We even offer petite pacifier clips, made shorter and with smaller beads than our Original Pacifier Clips. They are perfect for newborns or crawling babies!


Personalized Pacifier Clip

Elevate your baby's style with our personalized pacifier clips, adding that extra special touch to their outfit. You choose the style and customization for the clip, and we ensure you receive a beautifully crafted, custom pacifier clip designed just for your little one. We offer multiple designs to match your unique style! If you're looking to add a personalized charm to your baby's essentials, our custom pacifier clips are the perfect choice for you.


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