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Double ended baby clip


Never lose a lovey again! Clip to any item you want to keep close by and turn any swaddle into a nursing cover.


The double-ended-clip or blanket clip came to be after a walk one day with my baby. After picking up her little blanket for the 100th time, the thought was there has to be someway to prevent the continued struggle. The double-ended-clip is the solution to that problem. You clip one side to your baby's clothes, stroller strap, car seat strap, etc. and the other to the object you would like to not lose. It works great to keep track of a blanket, lovey, or stuffy. This is great in the car seat as well (no more digging around on the floor for your baby's favorite blanket while a meltdown is occurring in the car seat).

These also double as a way to turn any swaddle or small blanket into a nursing cover. Clip it to the swaddle behind your neck and it will securely hold it on while you feed your little one. This way you have a nursing cover with you and don't have to worry about packing another item into that already too full diaper bag.

The double-ended-clip is handmade with 100% food-grade silicone and natural beech wood. They also come in a variety of cute styles and colors to make sure it looks cute on your little one. There is even the option for a personalized clip.

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