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Bamboo baby swaddle


Sure to be your baby's new favorite


Swaddles are meant to provide a cozy and secure environment for new babies. Swaddling involves wrapping a baby snugly in a lightweight blanket or swaddle, gently restricting their movement. This practice mimics the sensation of being in the womb, which can help soothe and comfort babies. That is exactly what we have designed our swaddles to do, help your baby feel safe, comfortable, and secure.

Sunday Darling Swaddles

Our swaddle is thoughtfully designed to work perfectly for mom and baby. Made with the highest quality bamboo fabric, this swaddle blanket is soft, breathable, and gentle on your baby's delicate skin. Our swaddles are made from the same incredibly soft and stretchy fabric as our two-piece sets. The bamboo and spandex material allows you to get a perfect swaddle each time for your little one. The swaddles measure a generous 44 x 44 inches, providing coverage for your baby, allowing for easy wrapping and swaddling.  The flat seams on the edges improve comfort and also reduce the weight and bulk. Pair it with our adorable two-piece sets, hats, and  headbands to get the complete look for your little darling.

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