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Teether, baby chewing on teether toy


Soothing for sore gums and adorable for play time

What Are Baby Teethers?

Teethers are baby products designed to be chewed on by infants who are getting their first teeth. They are made from various materials including soft rubber, silicone, plastic, or wood. They can often be filled with a liquid or gel that can be chilled to provide additional relief to sore gums. 


Every parent who has had a teething child knows how they want to chew on everything (even if they are not teething everything seems to find its way straight to the mouth). The whole point of the teether is to give them something to chew on that will also provide some comfort and relief. It is a much better option than the TV remote.

Benefits of Teethers

1. Provides Relief to sore gums 

2. Stimulates Gum Development

3. Enhances Motor Skills

4. Safe for Babies

5. Sensory Stimulation

6. Engagement and Distraction

7. Easy to Clean and Maintain

8. Travel-Friendly

9. Boosting Independence

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