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The same pacifier clips you love - made shorter for newborns and crawling babes

Petite Pacifier Clips

Pacifier clips designed specifically for the little little ones. Every parent understands the need of a pacifier clip, little babies often have extra needs. These pacifier clips are made shorter than a regular clip. This makes them a better option for newborns and crawling babies. It helps keep the pacifier off the ground when your baby is crawling. If you have a little one who stays busy crawling at every chance then these clips are just what you need. Don't lose that binky and don't drag it on the ground. 

Equal to our full size pacifier clips, these are made from natural beechwood and silicone, free from harmful substances. Not only are they safe for your little baby, but they also come in a variety of cute styles. You will be sure to find something that works for mama and baby. We don't think you should have to decide between practical and cute, with our binky clips you can be both.

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